7 gymnasts from Dundee Gymnastics Club 2K competed at the Hamburg International Gymnastics Competition on 15 & 16 November 2013 against a truly international line up of 26 teams from Germany, Italy, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Jordan, Austria, Malta, Southampton and Newcastle.
The first team, consisting of 4 gymnasts; Jordan Archibald, Kirsty Campbell, Sofia Ramzan and Sarah McKenzie, came 7th in the qualification round, and then 6th overall in the final round. An amazing result against such an array on international athletes.
A second team was made up of 3 Dundee girls; Jennifer Brankin, Hayley Bell and Rosa Holm-Huxley and 3 Germans. They beat teams from Austria and Germany in the qualification round but didn't make it through into the later rounds.
The trip to Germany was organised by DGC2K Head Coach Bea Petersen and they were hosted in Germany by Eike Biemann
Photo: DGC2K team members in club leotards - Jordan Archibald, Sarah McKenzie on left and Sofia Ramzan and Kirsty Campell on right, with local fans in Hamburg.