Dundee Korfball Club hosted the biggest event in their history on Sunday, May 24. Sixteen teams of adult korfball players, and two teams of juniors, battled it out for the silverware all day on the astroturf at Dawson Park in Dundee. Teams came from as far away as Staffordshire, with other strong English contenders from Lancaster and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, as well as every korfball club in Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, St. Andrews and Dundee). Each team played seven 20-25 minute games spread evenly across the day, with results determining pool positions through three stages of the competition. Most games were hotly contested affairs, with score ranging from 1-0 to 7-5. At the end of the day, the team from Edinburgh Marvericks came out on top, just pipping Edinburgh City on head-to-head results after he two teams had tied on points. The three mixed-ability teams from the Dundee fared slightly less well, but thouroughly enjoyed themselves and won several games. In the end though, two of them ended up battling it out for the wooden spoon, with Dundee Dugongs just losing out to Dundee Dolphins.

In the junior competition, Dundee Phoenix beat Perth by 2 goals to nil, but everyone was a winner: the ethos of the game at this level is very much just to get fit and have fun.

Korfball is a mixed-sex team ball sport that was developed by Dutch school teacher in 1902, and as is basically an alternative ("Dutch-rules") form of basketball. The most important differences are that the basket is higher, has no backboard, and is set well into the field of play. The rules of the game give equal opportunities to both male and female players, with teams made up of equal numbers of boys and girls (boys mark the boys, and girls mark the girls, but both sexes are expected to score goals and to defend at different points in the game).

Korfball is an easy game to learn, and great fun to play for both school-age kids and adults. Dundee Korfball Club is always open to new players, and offers everyone their first few training sessions free-of-charge. Training takes place at the Ardler Complex on Turnberry Avenue every Thursday evening. Juniors (8-14 years old) train from 5:30 to 6:30pm, and seniors (14-50+) from 6:30 to 8:00pm.

Anyone interested in taking up korfball over the Summer should contact the club's development officer, Nigel Cooper, on 07817 640432, or see the club's website at www.dundee.korfball.org.uk for more details .