Dundee Saturday Morning Football League are undertaking a First Aid initiative that demonstrates the collegiate aspect of the Association and a desire to help each other out that percolates throughout the member clubs.This initiative emphasises all that is great about amateur football and will certainly help promote and foster the game locally.
There are members of the Association who are trained First Aid assessors and provide First Aid training to adults, children and sports injury courses professionally who are willing to give up their time to provide 6 hour+ certified First Aid courses to the DSMFL member clubs free of charge.

Confirmation has been received of a grant from the SFA to buy Resuci- Anne mannequins to facilitate these courses locally.  This will assist the Association in a rolling programme of courses every year for member clubs.
There is a requirement to provide First Aid cover at all amateur football  games and this is not without its problems in that the course put on by the SFA is £95 per person to attend, usually involves a trip to Hampden and  many other clubs  & leagues who received this free via the SAFA are now finding that members are either due for renewal or have moved on from their clubs - either to other clubs (which is good for them) or in some cases have left football altogether leaving an unknown level of cover at matches.
Realistically, it is useful to have 2 - 3 people trained in First Aid per club to ensure coverage at a match so with an Association with 34 member clubs currently with two definite enquiries for membership for next season and year on year increases in membership in terms of club and player numbers since initial affiliation to the SAFA in 2009, this initiative is extremely important. It will now ensure that new clubs are all provided with free First Aid course BEFORE they join the Association rather than be given the first years membership to sort this training out.
The Association will be able to provide access to more than one member per club and will log attendance and retain copies of certificates so there is an accurate database of First Aid providers to send annually to the SAFA. DSMFL can also ensure the content of the course is appropriate and can verify attendance and certification.
DSMFL sorted out First Aid training and instruction on defibrillator use last year for 98 players organised through the Scottish Ambulance Service and HeartStart Dundee.  This was also provided free to clubs. Additionally, they purchased two defibrillators at a cost of £1600 to use at matches so they have a track record of providing and facilitating First Aid training.